Wellness Design

As an Integrative Wellness Center we help people establish a level of wellness through laboratory evaluation and then  a plan to implement strategies for better physical function.  Wellness is a goal based upon the body working properly. Wellness is not as simple as just being disease free or even having a “clean bill of health”. Wellness is optimal function.

Weight Loss – Body composition is a much better measure since lean mass is important.  The better strategy for a weight loss program is to help people get lean ans healthy, not simply lose weight

Nutrition - a key component in the strategy to minimize disease and create wellness

Hormone Balance - at correct physiological levels are the best stategy for health

Metabolic Balance - By creating a balance in energy production and key processes in physiology many problems can be solved

Mood and Emotion -Hormones and neurotransmitters are responsible for how your mind functions.

Sleep enhancement - is essential to good health

Corporate Wellness - ​The wellness of a group of people is determined by lifestyle factors of behavior and environment.  Prevention of disease and increase in productivity comes from better physical function.  Early detection of a problem is not prevention.  Simply getting blood pressure, expensive imaging, total cholesterol and a then receiving a vaccine are not prevention.  To have a healthy workforce, people have to know how to create proper function of biological systems and actually be healthy.

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